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      Scientific research strength

      Innovation is the fundamental driving force of the enterprise development , and the scientific research innovation is the most important in the long-term development. As one of the pioneers in the chemical industry, Tianyuan Chemical always adheres to the spirit of “Fearless in being the first, ceaseless in innovating the more”. We have been increasing the investment of R&D constantly, as well as introducing the advanced scientific research equipment vigorously. At the same time, good relationship with many domestic well-known universities such as Nanjing University and East China University of Technology has been built. Moreover, we established the Graduate Scientific Research Station with Nanjing University in 2013, lucubrating the advanced production technology with a wide range of national and international experts. So far, we have developed tens of high-tech products and national patents, providing a strong guarantee of high quality products.


      Scientific research team

      At present, we have an innovative, dedicative, compartmentalized and unitive team. They are focusing on the latest market demand, and dedicating to study the latest as well as cutting-edge products of high quality. In recent years, there have been many fresh faces joining the big family of Tianyuan Chemical, thus the scale of the team is growing.


      Achievements in scientific research

      Tianyuan Chemical has been voted as National high-tech enterprises

      Provincial level Private science and technology enterprises

      Municipal level Engineering technical research center

      Municipal-recognized enterprise technology center

      We established the Graduate Scientific Research Station as well as New product Research and Development center.

      So far, we have developed tens of high-tech products and national patents.

      In 2013, our research team worked out technical problems, and developed the block silicone oil, which fills in the gaps of silicone oil in domestic market.

      In 2015, we developed the new product “Special Bulk and soft elastic Finishing TY-936”independently,and received high praise after released.


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