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      Environmental protection


      Environmental protection concepts

      Tianyuan Chemical has devoted to promote the scientific and technological innovation, and paid great attention to environmental and resource protection simultaneously. Our scientific development philosophy of the environmental and resource conservation embodies energy saving, cleaner production, resource protection and so on.


      Environmental management

      We have passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and the Intertek environmental test, in addition, we have obtained the Green flag. These enhance the concept of scientific development---Saving resources as well as protecting the environment, and strengthening the environmental awareness of all staff, which lays the foundation of the sustainable development of Tianyuan Chemical.


      Energy saving

      We have placed great emphasis on resource conservation, promoted the research and development of the energy-saving technologies and products vigorously, which build an "environment-friendly & resource-saving" enterprise. We have optimized production processes, reduced energy consumption and energetically developed the concept of circular economy as well as waste recycling.


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